The OutCenter Welcomes New Additions to the Board

The OutCenter extends a warm welcome to the new members of the Boards: Marci Weber, Beth McCree, Brian Savage, Marian Tripplett and Ronda Collier.


Marci Weber brings her many years’ experience working in all-volunteer environments including as the NY State Board Regional Director overseeing numerous PTAs in a 5 county region with almost 30,000 members. Her years of dedicated service and committment to the Outcenter makes her more than just a good candidate for the task!

Beth McCree, a Benton Harbor native, has shown her passion for helping others and her support for the community. She volunteers at theBerrien Community Foundation, and has an amazing network of people via family ties, professional relationships, and within the faith community. She is a true example of an ally and the help and support they offer the LGBT community.

Brian Savage served as a Board member before and the OutCenter is pleased to welcome him back! He has been attending the ALPACT (Advocates & Leaders for Police and Community Trust) meetings and secured a 20 minute forum discussion with the Sheriff’s Victim’s Services Unit (VSU Berrien County) to begin dialogue on LGBT+ Cultural Competency. He is such a valuable addition to the team, and the OutCenter is overjoyedat his return.

Marian Tripplett also returns to the board! A proud ally who's service and research interests has the potential to serve the LGBT students of Berrien county and beyond. She is experienced in working with individuals, families, communities and organizations, a passion that can only aid the OutCenter in their mission to give back to the overall community.

Ronda Collier's commitment to the OutCenter mission, grasp of the issues as a very strong ally, and herdepth and breadth of experience makes her a valuable addition to the team. Her experience in creating fund development plans and donor strategy development are just a few things she brings to the Board table. The OutCenter is excited to work with her yet again.

The OutCenter gives a special thank you to Sven Erickson and Karin Valenti, outgoing members of the Board who have contributed so much to the OutCenter mission! Their years of service have helped to change so many lives and impacted many people in Southwest Michigan and beyond. The OutCenter is extremely humbled by your service and grateful for all the time you dedicated. Thank you for your contributions! 


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