OutCenter Spurs GSA Development in Local School

We would like to share a story of one of our community's recent successes, which we hope will warm your heart as much as it does ours:

Recently, a guidance counselor at a local school referred a student struggling to find LGBT+ community at their school to the OutCenter. They attended one of our Teen Pride Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) programs, and enjoyed it so much that they decided to create their own GSA at their school. With the help of OutCenter volunteers and school administrators, the school's GSA has thrived, growing from 3 members to 22 members in just a few short months. At the last meeting, the kids wrote notes to communicate the appreciation they have for their new community. A few of many have been included below. Please enjoy. (They're so cute!)


"I was really lost and thought I had no one to talk to, and [I] thought there [wasn't] anyone who was going [through] what I was going through. I was told about GSA, and it was one thing I could look forward to and where I could be myself without anyone judging me. I felt like I had [a] home."

- student in 9th grade


"GSA has been [a way] for me to find peers within the LGBT+ community. It has helped me realize that I truly am not alone. In the year I had been out, I finally felt that I wasn't the only person of this distinct characteristic in my school. Please, give other students this chance."

- student in 9th grade


"The GSA is a great way to learn and understand about the LGBTQ+ community. As [an] ally, I enjoyed learning new things about what my friends go through. I would like to see more GSA groups."

- student in 10th grade


"The GSA helped me and many others. It helped by making a family that won't judge you for who you are. No one leaves anyone out. [We're] all in this together."

- student in 8th grade


"It helped me find people I can relate to and people that share some of my problems."

- student in 8th grade


We at the OutCenter work to inspire Southwest Michigan to become a community in which lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons and their families are welcomed, respected, valued, understood, and afforded the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else. To do this, education and empathy must be at the heart of what we do every day.

You can help us continue to help local teens, create Communities That Care, and make a difference in Southwest Michigan by giving to and getting involved with the OutCenter. We are always open to donations of any kind, whether it be monetary, time, or supplies. If you would like to get involved with our efforts, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop by the center between Tuesday-Friday from 3:30pm-6:30pm or on Saturdays from 12:00pm-5:00pm. We'd love to see you!


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