Snyder Doesn't Show, But Says Yes to LGBT Law Reform


On Wednesday, June 29th, Governor Rick Snyder visited Southwest Michigan to meet with State representative Al Pscholka. We took advantage of this rare opportunity to talk with the Governor directly by inviting him to a sit-down discussion with OutCenter leaders. 

Governor Snyder unforunately did not respond to the invitation, so we discussed these topics in a press conference later that day.

The talk would have focused on an amendment to include the LGBTQ+ community as a protected group under Michigan's Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights law, discussion on political speak that dehumanizes groups, and a plan to protect Michiganders from attacks like the recent massacre in Orlando, FL.

This was a missed opportunity for meaningful change. However, we're a creative bunch.

Brian Savage, member of the OutCenter Board and an openly gay Republican, attended the same event as Governor Snyder. One of only three people chosen to ask questions during the Q&A of the event, Board member Savage was able to discuss this--briefly--with him anyway. He was able to ask a question similar to this:

Can LGBT people expect to see more leadership from you on amending the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act?

Perhaps surprisingly, the Governor responded, "yes," and publicly stated his support for getting an amendment passed and supporting a more diverse Michigan. 

Will he act on this? We'll see.

Governor Snyder is not elligible for a third term under Michigan law, and so he has a limited amount of time to take action on his word. It is now more important than ever to continue to make our voices heard with every elected official and with every candidate. VOTE!


Image from Flickr.

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