A Night For Equality 2.0

OutCenter 2nd Annual Final Poster

The second annual "A Night For Equality 2.0" was a great success, bringing people together with music and creating an inclusive environment for all.



Two former St. Joseph High School students, Eve Berndt (left) and Carmen Smith (right), organized this event for the second year in a row. They did such a phenomenal job creating this celebration in song. Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship hosted this event. Last year's event was their Senior Service Project and, after completing their first year of college, they came home wanting to recreate this wonderful event.

The performers included Lauren Kunkel, Mariah Rifenberg, Leo Carmody, Josh Lachman, Charlie Beam, Aiden and Bill Schnell, Maddie Shrock, Carmen Smith, Josh Cukier, Ian Paul, Danny Keyes, Kacie Mercer, Hannah Kessler and Paige Mulick. They all came together in commitment to the same mission to unite our community with songs of love and inclusiveness.

Thank you, Eve and Carmen, everyone who performed, and everyone who came out in support!

Proceeds from this event went to the 4th Annual Teen Pride Prom!

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