Snyder Doesn't Show, But Says Yes to LGBT Law Reform


On Wednesday, June 29th, Governor Rick Snyder visited Southwest Michigan to meet with State representative Al Pscholka. We took advantage of this rare opportunity to talk with the Governor directly by inviting him to a sit-down discussion with OutCenter leaders. 

Governor Snyder unforunately did not respond to the invitation, so we discussed these topics in a press conference later that day.

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2016 Communities That Care Awardees Announced

We at the OutCenter are excited to present our "Communities That Care" award winners!

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July Teen Pride GSA Meeting TODAY!

This month's Teen Pride Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) meeting will be held TODAY, July 23rd, from 2:00-5:00pm at the OutCenter. Come join us in discussion about discrimination in schools and how GSAs can make a difference. We'll have fun ice breakers, leadership exercises, and other LGBTQ+ folks #JustLikeYou and their allies! We look forward to seeing you there!

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Time’s Ticking Down To Win Up To $10,000!

Our Lake Effect Pride Celebration is just around the corner. We just hired our talented music coordinator for the event (check out more about DJ Koolguy here!), and we're finalizing all of the details. If you still haven't bought your ticket, you can head here to snag one before you miss out on great food, music, and people! And if you still haven't claimed your chance to win up to $10k in our 50/50 raffle, call us ASAP!

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Dear Millennials: A Call To Action

Photo from Adweek.

 Fellow Millennials,

To be honest, I'm upset. I'm upset that Bernie Sanders most likely will not win the Democratic primary. I'm upset that Trump is running, and, honestly, that he exists in the first place. I'm upset that just a few weeks ago, 49 queer and trans people lost their lives, and the media continues to focus on how the shooter was a person of color. I'm upset because we're currently in a very tense political climate, and change is desperately needed but so seemingly slow to arrive. And I'm most upset because I feel like I can't do anything to change all of this. I feel helpless, too young to be taken seriously but too old to avoid the responsibility of it all. So I hide from reality by playing video games.

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