Whole Lives Healthy Lives Support Group Meetings January - June 2017

Whole Lives Healthy Lives, one of the OutCenter's oldest programs, continues to provide amazing love, support and community to people seeking advice, solidarity, and a sense of belonging. This has become important now more than ever. Join this wonderful support community!


WLHL 2017 Jan June Schedule


Join this amazing support community in 2017. This is for adults seeking advice, guidance, support and a sense of belonging, as well as solidarity. 2017 is a new opportunity for all of us to come together. To intentionally seek out each other and grow our bonds of trust and love, while also deepening our own sense of beYOUtiful well-being. Now more than ever, become a part of this Community that Cares...for everyone, equally.

Feel free to download the flyer and share it with everyone! Let's grow together

Teen Pride LGBTQIA Alliance Meetings January - June 2017

2017 presents LGBTQ+ communities across the US with an opportunity to step up our game.


teenpride calender jan jun 2017

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Gender: What is it?

by Chris Lacefieldgenderbread


Recall our earlier lesson in gender identity. An often misunderstood concept, this term hopes to help us label how we think about our own gender. This is how we think about ourselves as women, men, trans, genderqueer, or genderfluid. There are many other labels that can be applied to gender identity, but the gist of gender identity is based on our internal concept of self. It is how we answer the question for ourselves: Where do I fall on the gender spectrum? This term has nothing to do with sexual orientation or attraction. Gender identity is completely separate from sexual orientation.

Holiday Pride: A Warm Welcome Home

The holidays are stressful for everyone, but it is an especially stressful time of year for those that identify as LGBT+. At the OutCenter, we want to give a warm welcome home for the holidays to our LGBT+ community.

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