Our priorities for 2022

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Build an Inclusive Community for LGBTQ+ People and their Allies
By creating OutCenter Chats, supporting GSA clubs in schools, and developing more and more social events throughout the year.

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Cultivate Empathy Within Potentially Hostile Communities
By building bridges with those who are open to conversation, inviting faith leaders to join our Community Pastor Summits, and volunteering in the community.

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Make Local Schools and Institutions More Equitable for Queer People
By advocating for inclusive policies, attending public meetings, and supporting LGBTQ+ affirming programs like GSA's and competency training.

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Help Educate and Activate Community Members to Vote
By sharing information about the candidates and their views, getting people registered to vote, and participating in "Get Out The Vote" during the Midterms.

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Protect the LBGTQ+ Communities Right to Medical Privacy
By advocating for inclusive policies and collecting signatures with the Michigan ACLU for their November ballot initiative.

What we're fired up about...