Initially, this fund was set up in 2019 as a collaboration between Uncommon Coffee Roasters and OutCenter Southwest Michigan. The owner of Uncommon at the time, Guy Darienzo, contributed a monthly donation to this fund. When we first promoted it, others signed on as monthly donors, too.

The Fund provides one-time support for needed things such as name changes, binders, etc., and there may never be enough $$ in this Fund to meet larger needs such as transition surgeries, etc.

Only folx living in our service area are eligible: Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren Counties.

Funds are disbursed via checks, typically, directly to the vendor, such as a place selling binders, County offices, local papers for ads, et al, for name changes, etc. If we are buying something online, we ask the applicant to supply a link to the item and we purchase via our debit card.

If a person is funded for a name change, we cut checks covering the amounts needed to County offices, local papers, etc., and they bring that check with them as they pursue their name change.

If an item is purchased online, we ask the applicant how they wish to receive the item, noting that we can have it shipped to their home or other address, or shipped to the OutCenter for them to pick up once it’s been delivered.

I certify, to the best of my knowledge, that:

  1. The information in this form is correct.
  2. I am a resident of Berrien, Cass or Van Buren County.
  3. I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community**

NOTE: Our response to your application may take at least 48 hours for us to get back with you. If you are in an emergency situation, please call 911 immediately and reconnect with us after the emergency situation has been addressed.

By clicking on “Submit,” you are agreeing that you have read and understand the above and consent to submitting your application electronically. We will not to be able to process your application if you decline to accept the terms and conditions in this section.

*Uncommon Coffee Roasters(UCR) is a small batch specialty coffee roaster in West Michigan. Owned and operated by Guy Darienzo and Stephen Keye, UCR opened as a café by the name of Uncommon Grounds in Saugatuck in 1994. In 2000, UCR began roasting their own coffee. Due to popular demand, in 2010, UCR opened a wholesale business in the neighboring city of Douglas.

As an NGLCC Certified LGBT Business Enterprise, UCR now provides services to more than 200 small businesses and large corporations throughout the Midwest. The company enjoys working closely with coffee producers to better understand their products, sourcing green coffee globally and traveling to the origin whenever possible. UCR takes pride in their diverse partnerships and strives to work with companies who share similar values. Their goal is to provide a variety of delicious and unique coffees and coffee products to as many people as they can while creating and maintaining sustainable partnerships with customers, coffee producers and everyone in between.

**If you are not a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and are in need of support beyond the scope of this fund, please call 211 for additional area resources. You may also contact the OutCenter directly and we will try to provide you with a referral that is more appropriate to your needs.