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How to Get Involved

The Reproductive Rights Fight Continues!

The ballot initiative to get a reproductive rights law into the Michigan state constitution was successful! We played a vital role in petition circulation, and our efforts paid off! Still, OutCenter Southwest Michigan needs your help as we approach the Midterms. 

With 753,759 signatures spanning across every single county in Michigan, we hit the goal necessary to get the issue on the ballot. On election day, if 51% or more of voters vote “yes”, the amendment will be added to the state constitution. It’s up to the voters to finish what’s been started! We need to make sure everyone is registered to vote, informed about the initiative, and has a plan for election day this November. Everyone’s voice matters right now.

OutCenter has worked for nearly 20 years to bring equity, inclusion, and equality to Southwest Michigan. We provide support services to the LGBTQ+ community and their families. We also educate and advocate for a safe, welcoming, and affirming culture across Southwest Michigan.

Take action today:

Reproductive Freedom for All (RFFA) would amend our state constitution to ensure abortion and other reproductive rights remain in place.

  • Make sure everyone you know is registered to vote! If you want to check your status, or still need to register, click here!
  • Educate your friends and family about the proposed amendment and what to look for on the ballot.

You can Tag In to a variety of programs...

There are always opportunities to get involved with us at OutCenter Southwest Michigan. We are currently looking for both Chat Facilitators and Social Event Facilitators.

The LGBTQ+ is still under attack. From the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and its copycats, to discrimination against transgender and non-binary people, to legitimate threats to overturn same-sex marriage and bring back anti-sodomy laws. Just like how we partnered with organizations across the state to bring the Reproductive Rights constitutional amendment up for vote this November, we need to engage with local systems to protect LGBTQ+ civil rights in our communities.

It is important for parents, LGBTQ+ community members, and their allies to have their voices heard. That is why we are looking for passionate community members who are interested in attending school board meetings and city council meetings. We provide the data, the talking points, and the schedules to local meetings as well as answers to frequently asked questions to make sure that you are prepared to be an effective advocate. Once a month we have a chance to reconnect with one another and get updates on what is happening across the community.

This year it is more important than ever for your voice to be heard .  Get your friends and family on over to register to vote here.

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