Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the OutCenter. We are happy and grateful to have you aboard.  Volunteers are essential to the prosperity of this organization and you have just joined a team that carries the mission of the OutCenter into the community and the future.  The OutCenter is successful because we have dedicated volunteers like you.

Thank you again for your interest in becoming a member of the OutCenter team and we look forward to working with you!

Open Volunteer Positions:

Social Justice Readers Program Co-Facilitator

This is a program launched in September 2020 and designed to be an accessible version of a book club, with the intent of being an accessible space for people to learn about anti-racism and bias. 

Below is the job description of this position:

Last Weekend of the Month:

  • Facilitate one hour conversation on selected readings
    • Each month should end with a call to action for attendees
    • Record powerful statements, progress, and impacts that the Program has on attendees in your Impact Journal 

Last Week of the Month:

  • Monday:
    • Call attendees to the meeting this coming weekend
    • Re-post reading list in the Social Justice Readers Facebook Group
  • Wednesday:
    • Call attendees to the meeting this coming weekend
  • Friday:
    • Call attendees to the meeting the following day

During the Month:

  • Collect 2-4 short reading selections and send them to the Program Coordinator the last Sunday of each month
  • Collect 1-3 direct actions for attendees to partake in the coming month 

First Week of the Month:

  • Attend the All Program Facilitators Meeting 



  • Maintain the Library
    • Research and remove outdated books from the library
    • Properly label each new book, DVD, game, etc. 
    • Properly catalogue new books, DVDs, games, etc. in
    • Read and approve any incoming young fiction/fantasy books
    • Select highlighted books to promote on the website, monthly or bimonthly
  • Website and Book Reviews 
  • Leave a review for any book in the library that you have read
  • Actively recruit book reviews from PFs, community, or board members 
  • Send book reviews and highlighted books to the Program Coordinator to be put on the website 4 weeks prior to the determined launch date

Bi-monthly: Host Book Discussions 

  • Prior to the Book Discussion
    • Connect with author
    • Read the book
      • Predetermine some overarching themes and questions 
    • Decide portions of the book that will be read for the book discussion
      • Connect with the author is appropriate 
      • Predetermine some questions in case there is a lull in conversation
    • Connect with the Program Coordinator about
      • For date approval 
      • Graphic request
      • Creating a Zoom meeting
  • During the Book Discussion
    • Introduce the Program Coordinator 
      • Who will ask for donations, program attendance, and indotruce the OutCenter 
    • Introduce the Author 
    • Ask a few overarching questions
    • Ask the author to read a portion of the book (repeat as needed)
    • Discuss this portion of the
      • Ask your questions if needed 
    • Closing
  • Post Book Discussion
    • Notify the author when the book discussion will be posted on the website/etc

Other Projects (TBD) 

  • As needed or interested! 

More volunteer opportunities are listed below: